Welcome to the Westfold Marches D&D Campaign.

This page contains the online resources for the Westfold Marches Dungeons & Dragons game that we play on most Monday evenings at the Athens City Library. Game time starts at 6pm.

A crumbled fortress stands on the frontier, reclaimed by the intrepid Sir Retlaw. He seeks to reclaim the fortress for the realm of man and seeks adventurers to rid the area of the dark forces lurking in the surrounding country side. People flock to the region hoping to stake their claim to untold riches. Masons, farmers, soldiers, shopkeepers, and, most of all, adventurers, all have come to share in the wealth hoarded by the evil denizens lurking in the West Marches.

An ongoing campaign for characters starting at 1st level.

Westfold Marches D&D Campaign

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